Executive Coaching for the Individual

It’s time to take control.

You are at a turning point in your career. It’s time to take control.

I’ve witnessed careers flounder because an up-and-coming executive or promising manager didn’t understand the power of communication and the power of sales.

Successful executives must understand how to bring in new business, develop relationships, and empower their communication messages to present themselves and their company in the most appealing light to impact the bottom line.

Through powerful questioning, direct communication, and self-directed goals, I’ll help you enhance your strengths and explore possibilities for your future career path.

My clients have been empowered through my executive coaching services to embrace change and take on new responsibilities they previously shied away from — all by harnessing the power of communication.

Executive Coaching for Marketing & Sales Professionals

Executive Coaching for Marketing & Sales Professionals

You already know the power of clear communication. But do you know how to harness that power for your career?

With almost 40 years of management and executive experience in the marketing, advertising and brand industries I understand the power of controlling your own message. My proven track record of success has led my sales teams to embrace change and transform business practices to remain relevant to the marketplace.

I’ve managed through profound change, through times of celebration, through times of crisis, and I’m ready to offer you my experience along with a customized gold-standard executive coaching experience driven by the rigorous standards of the International Coach Federation.

CCL Assessments

CCL Assessments

As part of the gold-standard service provided with executive coaching, coaching clients will have the opportunity to take an individual assessment that serves to build self-awareness and identify personal strengths and challenges to overcome.

Certified by the Center for Creative Leadership, I will use 360 degree tools to help you work through complex leadership issues and define areas for self improvement.

CCL 360 Assessments available

  • 360 by Design®
  • Benchmarks®
  • Executive Dimensions®
  • Prospector®
  • Global6
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