Empowered Executive Coaching

For almost 40 years, I’ve led teams and communications executives through periods of profound change, from changing markets to crisis management, inspiring sales teams and business management to capture awards and perform at the highest of excellence standards.

You have the capacity to inspire your career through the power of communication and the power of selling your message and yourself. Together, we’ll create the self-awareness you need to provide your own solutions. Let’s take the first step toward the next level of your career.

Coaching Services

Executive Coaching for the Individual

Through my coaching services, you’ll create clarity, awareness, and a larger vision for what can be…and a path to get you there.

Executive Coaching for the Leadership Team

Supporting your leadership team through executive coaching is one of the most important and forward-thinking strategic plans you can put in place for your organization’s future growth.

Meeting Facilitation

Setting the direction for your company and a detailed plan to lead your team to your goals is critical for any company or organization. Our meeting facilitation services will ensure your strategic planning is on point, productive, and creatively challenging.


Susan McEldoon, Executive Coach

Susan McEldoon Executive Coaching

At McEldoon Leadership Executive Coaching, I use a thought-provoking and creative process to maximize your personal and professional potential. Executive coaching is a partnership of equals. We’ll explore new possibilities and establish a process for setting self-directed goals and accountability as well as creating your own plan of action to elevate your career.

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